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Tech Marine® Yacht Design & Services is a company that provides services to shipyards and private ship-owners, and is focused above all on engineering and the calculation & industrialisation of the product. It has been present for many years in the national and international nautical industry, and its constantly growing team is made up of all the professional specialties necessary for naval design and construction. In addition to our permanent staff we can also count on other companies with whom we are not directly linked but with whom we are in partnership, bound together by contracts of reciprocal collaboration. This “polymorphous” structure adapts itself in an optimal way to the changing demands of the European and International shipbuilding industry, as well as to the many services we offer to private ship-owners.


Our design effort is to find a balance between production, technique and aesthetics, with a particular attention to the economy of scale and ease of construction.

Yacht design
Yacht refitting
Naval engineering

Our Services

Even though the plans devised by the designer are essentials, an additional documentation (which is complementary, but not dispensable) is useful to assist the shipyard in the building and/or approval of the prototype. Some of the services offered by Tech Marine® Yacht Design & Services are described below:

Shipyard consulting

We assist the shipyards with the development of new models, the industrialization of the products and the specific technical documentation.


Thanks to our modern digital survey techniques, the restructuring and modification of your vessels of any age that are usually not provided with any technical documentation will be more accurate, faster and cheaper.

Project detailing

We assist the shipyards during the delicate phase of detailing the project documentation, transforming the architectural project into executive drawings, that can be read easily by the workers.

Naval engineering

We provide assistance to shipyards and designers regarding the Resistance, the Stability and the Propulsion in the pre-planning stage. Therefore, we continue to support also the actual design with structural calculations and Machinery and Equipment Plans.

Yacht Design

We continuously develop new projects, supporting our ideas and the suggestions coming from our customers, either alone or in collaboration with loyal designers.

Yacht consulting

We help the owner who wishes to change or buy a boat advising in the choice of the model and the most suitable site that fits better his/her their needs in terms of budget, performance and crew management.

Technical knowledge applied to pleasure boating


Project services detailing engineering and yacht design